I’m SO excited about us!

When I first started dating my now-husband I played things nice and cool.

Nice and cool like emailing him saying “People are SO excited about us!! I’m so excited about us!” after our first date.

I’m a wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve-or-what’s-the-point kind of dater. Plus our date had been a whole weekend meeting his whole family so we were just a couple of perfectly-matched gun-jumpers really, jumping every gun going.

For the sake of this story I’m going to give my now-husband-then-new-boyfriend the name Tony Baggins. I’m sure he’ll thank me.

As I excitedly typed out his sexy Tony Baggins name in my work Outlook I was pleasantly surprised to find that it auto-filled his name from the first “T-o-n…”.

Despite having never emailed him from work before (we’d been solely Facebook-based ’til then) and FORGETTING FOR ONE HORRIBLE MINUTE THAT THERE IS A MAN AT MY WORK WITH THE EXACT SAME NAME AS HIM – I just thought “Great! Outlook knows I’ve got a new boyfriend and knows his name”. In my clouded, loved-up state I saw no red flags whatsoever and pressed send.

I’m SO excited about us!

And so my “I’m SO excited about us!” email winged its little way over to the inbox of a much older, very much married and pretty serious chap on the other side of the office. Another Tony Baggins….but I wasn’t excited about “us” AT ALL.

The stomach chills descended. The love cloud lifted.

I sprang up from my desk and just yelled “Noooooooooo!” at my computer.

“What?!” my desk pals around me demanded.


Uproarious laughter helps no one in a crisis.

I discovered he was out of the office that day but, as luck will have it, his WIFE also works in our office too so I then had to go explain to her that my email was 100% intended for another man….and not hers.

Ever since then I’ve double-double checked I’m emailing the right person, even though I’ve made plenty of other email errors since, like this Big Whopper.

…so I’ve basically learnt nothing.

Footnote: At the work Christmas party a couple of months later the office Tony Baggins and I were awarded “office romance of the year” in the company awards. Which wasn’t awkward at all.

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  1. I feel your pain. I have a wife named Michele (one L), a niece named Michelle, and a sister in law named Michelle. They all have the same last name. They appear in my phone and email as:

    MMMM Michele WIFE
    ZZZZZ Michelle (Nickname) NIECE

    The x’s and z’s? So I absolutely don’t p*ss off either of my brothers by sending a message intended for MY wife to my brother’s wife. Or to my other brother’s daughter.

    You can go ahead and conclude that it already happened, which is what facilitated the need for name changes in the phone and email.


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