We fail; we’re not fembots

Last night I went with a best buddy of mine to hear a talk on ‘Empowering Women’ by Dame Davina McCall.

We fail; we're not fembots

I added the Dame bit but, let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time

In the foyer before the talk, as we sipped our free drinks and rooted through our goody bags, this best bud revealed to me – with annoyance at herself – how she’d made a mistake that had got her into hot water. But people are people. We make mistakes.

Then – as if she was a veritable mindreader as well as a prime-time TV stalwart – Davina’s talk was all about how failing isn’t bad. It should be encouraged. It helps us to Learn Things.

Well I certainly need no encouragement to fail but I perhaps do need to work on the Learn Things part.

Fail with flair

JK & Davina are most probably pals as they’re equally #girlboss about life

So I’m going to share The Worst Email Mistake I’ve Ever Made at Work. And I dedicate this to my friend because she is completely fabulous and mistakes are what make us human and not fembots.

Fail with flairThat get-up’s like something from Victoria’s Secret, but fewer bells & whistles

It’s my hope that this story will make you feel better if you too have made a mistake recently. Or even if it was ages ago but it still haunts you whenever you’re alone in a lift and there’s no wifi and you have to go more than 6 floors.

I was going to save this story ’til Christmas (it’s seasonal) but who KNOWS if we’ll still be alive by then? I don’t hold much hope for the future of Planet Earth with Trump running for Prez.

disasters of a thirtysomethingIf you can’t manage a COMB, methinks you might struggle with a COUNTRY

So, I move swiftly onwards, after my lengthy intro, to the tale itself.

I used to work (still do) at a Christian media agency/charity. Now I wouldn’t be so stupid as to tell a tale of woe about the place I still work at, so I’ve waited until I’ve left (I haven’t left). So this is what occurred at my old (nope, current) job.

Read the horrible tale here.

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  1. Ha! So funny. I work in a trade that doesn’t use email to communicate, but I have made some horribly embarrassing mistakes with group texts. My mother and sister-in-law frequently group text my husband and I. I won’t go into the details, but I accidentally sent my in-laws a very, very inappropriate text that I thought I was sending to my husband only. I was horrified. Thank God they have a sense of humor.


  2. Ahh yes Sarah – I actually think this is the best story yet and mind there’s been ALOT of disasters .
    It’s well and truly made my night…thank you, and miss you! Xx


  3. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude.


    I’ve never effed up at work like that and kept my job. Actually, I’ve never effed up like that, but lost my job for lesser reasons. But you’ve created a story for every office Christmas party for eons now. So, in a sense, you’re immortal.Not everyone can say that!


  4. Such a great post, girl! And too funny! I think we all struggle with the ideal of failure at times, scared to make mistakes. But life is messy and crazy and unpredictable. It’s also not perfect, and neither are we. In fact, it’s more often than not the mistakes and failures that we learn and grow the most from!


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